Top Turf Miami Inc is a company dedicated to the sale and installation of artificial turf both residential and commercial, creating pleasant environments, resistant and low maintenance, excellence is part of the commitment to our customers.

Artificial lawn turf products are beautiful, robust and safe. Our products last for decades, can withstand any level of foot traffic, and can withstand any weather conditions. We have the widest range of synthetic grass products available, making our products perfect for any gardening, architecture or landscaping project.

Our products not only look real, but are soft to the touch. Each blade is perfectly cut, then rolled continuously and stretched to strengthen each synthetic thread, each fiber is as thin and elegant as the natural grass. After the films are treated with advanced technology resistant to UV rays, we undergo a process of rigorous quality and respectful of the environment. This lawn quality can withstand thousands of pounds of resistance per square inch, the industry's strongest quality.

All Top Turf Miami Inc products are certified lead-free so you can safely enjoy our lawn for years to come.

Top Turf Miami Inc is one of the best synthetic lawn installers in South Florida. Our products are used in the range of residential, commercial, golf green areas, children's play areas, pet areas, sports fields and many more. We pride ourselves on keeping the most innovative synthetic turf products available anywhere.

Top Turf Miami is a company that specializes in artificial grass in South Florida. We take the time to design your vision to fit your budget. We build every synthetic turf project with high quality standards to fulfill our client's needs.

We build every artificial turf project with high standards.

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We have highly trained professionals to offer you the best advice and the best installation service of your artificial grass.

Our Team

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Top Turf Miami Inc. is one of the best synthetic lawn installers in southern florida.


Our products are used in residential, commercial, sports areas, recreational areas, pet areas, and much more. We pride ourselves on keeping the most innovative synthetic turf products available anywhere.


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Our vision is to be the most recognized company Installing synthetic lawns in Florida. We aim to achieve excellent customer service while doing quality work at affordable prices.



Top Turf Miami maintains high quality standards as a priority. Our amazing support staff , sales force and management team is the reason Top Turf Miami Inc is number one in the Florida market.